Tights with a light carbon sole

      Swedish Stockings is a Swedish hosiery manufacturer that makes beautiful hosiery and socks from recycled nylon and natural fibers with zero waiste principles. Each hosiery collection is born out of respect for the environment: the products are designed together with the Swedish Stockings production team, so that the best understanding of quality, design and environmentally friendly production can be achieved.

      The idea for the operation of Swedish Stockings was born when the founders Lynn Frisinger and Nadja Forsberg woke up to think about the large number of broken nylon stockings in the landfill. A large part of the tights produced today are made of non-renewable nylon, whose crude oil-based manufacturing process releases a lot of harmful greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere - in addition to this, they are not durable. Linn and Nadja wanted to solve this problem: Swedish Stockings was born and the production process, where only recycled materials, ecological dyes and rinsing methods, and solar energy are used.

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      The Ateljé's selection includes Swedish Stockings tights for different needs in different thicknesses. When you need really nice and thin party tights, choose black 20 denier body or Moa tights . The thicker ones 60 denier Olivia or 100 denier Lia tights also serve on colder days. When you need support under your outfit, slip on the form-fitting Julia shorts . Check out the selection and find your favorite Swedish Stockings!