Clothing rental company The Ateljé presents a new shareholder as part of its sustainable growth strategy

Press release 24.2.2022


The Ateljé, a multi-channel clothing rental service, is proud to introduce its new shareholder, environmental sustainability expert Amanda Rejström, who is joining the founding members to support the company’s sustainable growth.

The new shareholder supports the growth of the clothing rental business

Opened in August 2020, fashion rental company, The Ateljé, announced its new shareholder today. Environmental sustainability expert Amanda Rejström is joining the company to support its sustainable growth.

“Impact investing is a popular topic all over the world right now: everyone wants to do it, but where to find smart investment opportunities? The clothing rental, a substitute company for fashion industry perfectly showcases the fact that fashion in our rapidly changing world is about more than new products: the way commodities are used can also be innovative,” Amanda Rejström says.

Changing the clothing industry means changing culture

The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Today, it is estimated to account for up to 10% of all emissions: if we don’t act now, by 2050 it will account for 25%.* The Ateljé’s mission is to change people’s consumer behavior and, as a result, reduce the emissions generated by the fashion industry.  

“When one garment is shared by dozens of people, it reduces the number of garments needed and produced which saves natural resources. The environmental risks of a fashion rental business lie in scaling up very quickly. Suddenly, you may find that emissions from air freight or poorly optimized laundering eat into the environmental benefits created by the business – this is something we want to avoid at The Ateljé,” Rejström continues. 

Sustainable growth without compromising the environment

Appointing a new shareholder is part of The Ateljé’s growth strategy, which includes sustainable scalability and, in the future, internationalization. With this appointment, The Ateljé will assemble a Board of Directors, which will include the founding members and Amanda Rejström.

“In a short time, The Ateljé has already demonstrated that a new, sustainable way of operating can become hugely popular. Our strategy is to keep growing the business in Finland first and to make sure we stay true to the company’s mission as we scale up our operations. An eco-friendly lifestyle is not about giving things up, but about living better; it has to do with respecting ourselves, other people and our planet,” Rejström concludes.

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Kaisa Härmälä, Co-Founder, The Ateljé Helsinki Oy
+358 50 516 4583, / @theatelje
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Amanda Rejström is a member of several company boards and one of the founding members of the startup Spark Sustainability. Spark Sustainability advises companies on emissions calculations and provides digital tools that highlight the climate benefits of low-emission products.

Launched in August 2020, The Ateljé Helsinki Oy is a Helsinki-based company that specializes in and is further developing a multi-channel rental service for fashion. The company offers clothes for rent both online and at its store in Punavuori, Helsinki.

*Ellen MacArthur Foundation: A New Textiles Economy: Redesigning fashion’s future.

Niinimäki, K. Peters, G., Dahlbo, H., Perry, P., Rissanen, T. and Gwilt, A. (2020) The environmental price of fast fashion. Nature Reviews; Earth and Environment.