Marimekko: Timeless design since 1951 - from generation to generation

      Marimekko is a Finnish design company founded in 1951 and is known especially for its recognisable, distinctive designs and strong colours. Today, Marimekko's range covers timeless and high-quality clothing, bags and accessories, as well as homewares ranging from interior textiles to dishes.

      Environmental responsibility and sustainability as part of Marimekko's design philosophy

      Sustainability is part of Marimekko's DNA, and sustainability at Marimekko begins at design, product development and material choices. Part of the design philosophy is to offer timeless, practical and durable products that bring joy for a long time and are not wanted to be thrown away, but are passed on to the next generation.

      Carefully selected manufacturers and certified materials

      A large part of Marimekko's fabric printing still takes place in Herttoniemi, Helsinki – all interior fabrics sold in metres, kitchen textiles and some of the fabrics used in clothes and bags are printed there. In addition to Helsinki, a carefully selected network of manufacturer partners that complies with international regulations subcontract products in Europe and Asia – closer to 70% of Marimekko's products are manufactured in Europe and about a third outside of Europe.

      Rent Marimekko clothing

      The Ateljé offers Marimekko dresses for rent that serve at important moments in life. Midsummer dances, marketplace coffees, archipelago adventures, graduations or garden parties – we have chosen the most delicious individuals from Marimekko's collection for rent, from which it is impossible to choose just one favourite.