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The perfect dress was found thanks to the wonderful customer service, even though I had already given up hope. The service worked flawlessly and was really convenient!


I arrived to the store feeling a little desperate but found the outfit quickly - the salesperson was wonderful at helping me in the search and also encouraged me to choose a color that was a little unusual for me.


The staff were so helpful and had already fixed the stitch when I picked up the dress. All in all a 5 out of 5 experience!


The customer service was excellent and using the service was really easy. The incredibly convenient return must be mentioned separately - the service includes washing, so the dress is simply put back in the dress bag after use and returned to the selected return point. Warm recommendation!


Really great service and just the right selection for my purpose! Thank you for the competent staff and their help in choosing an outfit. I dared to try on outfits that I wouldn't normally try on in the store - I found an outfit in a surprising color that perfectly suited my style and colors. I recommend!

With joy