We want to change the world – join us!

The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, producing more emissions than air transport and shipping combined. Today, it’s estimated to account for up to 10% of all emissions: if we don’t take action now, by 2050 it will account for a quarter [1].

If the number of times a garment is worn were doubled on average,
greenhouse gas emissions would be almost halved.

We don’t believe it’s possible to change the current system. Even if the cotton and polyester used, would be replaced with organic cotton and recycled polyester, still way too many clothes are produced into this world.

Thanks to our rental service, one garment is used by dozens of people, saving natural resources and decreasing climate emissions by reducing the number of new clothes made. Our mission is to make a change: new approaches are needed to transform our consumer-centric culture. Overconsumption must stop.

Reduce climate emissions with us

We believe an eco-friendly lifestyle is not about giving up on things, but living better: it’s about respecting ourselves, other people and our planet.

Via our rental service, we can build a more sustainable world of fashion, reduce unnecessary consumption and climate emissions. Many reports show, that renting is a more climate-friendly option than buying new.

Our own first study made with Spark Sustainability, shows for example, that for one single use of a dress for a formal occasion, it's generally more climate-friendly to rent the dress. Only one out of twelve scenarios shows that ownership would cause less emissions: in this scenario, the dress is assumed to be worn a lot even if owned, and the user is assumed to drive to pick up and drop off dresses by car for each purchase/rental. All other scenarios are less emission-intense if renting [2].

In the picture: The more purchases are replaced by renting, the smaller the climate impact is in four years timeline. Although emissions from user traffic are increasing, emissions from production, distribution and retail and end-of-life emissions are decreasing. This is because the so-called fixed emissions are shared with others, and rented dresses are estimated to be used more often than purchased dresses.

Carefully curated and cared 

Forget one-season wonders: it’s time to think of clothes as wearable valuables. Every single piece you find in our selection has been carefully and expertly selected. Our high-quality products, sophisticated materials and beautifully cut silhouettes are all made to last for years to come, both in terms of aesthetics and quality.

We wash and maintain our clothes with great care in our own energy-efficient laundry facilities – even if it means delicately hand-washing feather tops after every use.

Emission-free deliveries

All our deliveries travel locally from your nearest The Ateljé service point with minimal emissions – so there’s no air freight across the sea! All our deliveries are transported either using the 100% climate-compensated Posti Green service or Matkahuolto’s existing bus routes.

Small steps, big impact

For us, sustainability is also more than just ecological. From a socio-cultural point of view, we take care that all the practices of working life, human rights and equality are implemented in our company in a responsible manner.

We want to offer a safe place to work and take care that everyone has room to grow and develop, and where you can do meaningful work.

We also choose our partners carefully – each of them has their own sustainability strategy.

However, sustainability work is not done alone. Through our company, we want to inspire everyone along: we need each other so that a real change is possible. Welcome aboard!

Psst... Here we're answering the most common questions about our sustainability. And from here you'll find our first climate report!

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  2. Spark Sustainability. (2022). The climate impact of renting versus buying outfits for special occasions.