wardrobe 2.0

Monthly membership from €119/month

Osta vähemmän, käytä enemmän.

1. Choose three products

Click the monthly membership in the shopping cart and you can make your first choices! You can always choose three products at a time for a month-long rental period. Order delivery or pick up at the store.

2. Receive and enjoy

The selection of clothes you choose will be delivered to you in the way you choose at the start of your rental period. The clothes are yours for a month, so fill the calendar with suitable occasions and enjoy.

3. Restore and select the following

At the end of the rental period, pack the clothes in the same bag where you got them and return the clothes in the way you choose. You will receive a link by e-mail from which you can choose the next month's products.

Wardrobe 2.0
Buy less, wear more

As our monthly member, you get access to dozens of clothes, and you can choose three of them at a time to rent for a month. The longer you commit, the cheaper the monthly membership becomes - you can get a membership for €119 per month only.

You can subscribe for a month at a time, or for a longer period – the choice is yours!

Do you want to commit immediately for a longer period of time or just test the membership for a month? The choice is yours!

Customer reviews

The best thing about membership is that you get to try on new clothes, even ones that are different to your own style, without having to buy and that the clothes get dusty in your wardrobe after the initial enthusiasm.


The best thing about renting clothes is the responsibility - the fact that I can enjoy new clothes a little more ecologically without buying new ones. By renting, you can test new types of outfits with a low threshold.


With the monthly membership, I get something new in my wardrobe every month, without feeling bad about buying new clothes unnecessarily.


With the monthly membership, buying clothes has decreased and I buy much more carefully these days - I can experiment well with borrowed clothes.