The Ateljé monthly membership terms and conditions


Through The Ateljé Helsinki Oy's monthly membership concept, customers have the opportunity to rent clothes for a monthly fee. As a monthly member, the customer can rent three clothes for a month (for 30 days) at a price of 119-149 euros. The selection of the monthly membership concept covers separately defined products.

Becoming a member

Becoming a monthly member requires registration (creating an account). When registering as a monthly member of The Ateljé, the customer is obliged to provide The Ateljé Helsinki Oy with their first name, last name, date of birth and email address. Customer information is stored in The Ateljé Helsinki Oy's customer register and is processed in accordance with the register statement.

The Ateljé Helsinki Oy has the right to process and disclose information in the customer register for justified purposes in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/99). If the customer wishes, he can prohibit the use and processing of his data for marketing purposes and check the data about himself by contacting customer service. An adult (over 18 years old) can become a monthly member.

Rental period

The rental period is 30 days - the rental period starts from the day the order is placed.

Duration of the contract

The Ateljé's monthly membership is a contract valid for a period of 3 months, after which the membership continues indefinitely with a notice period of one (1) month. If another binding contract period is defined in the contract, the contract is valid at least according to the binding contract period. The binding contract period of The Ateljé's monthly membership is always three (3) paid months. The contract period begins on the day the order is placed. The price of a monthly membership is 119 euros per month and the monthly charge is automatically charged every 30 days.

However, the monthly membership can also be tested on a one-time basis for only one (1) month at a price of 149 euros - the one-time purchase does not have a binding contract period, but the membership ends automatically after one month.


Members pay the monthly fee and other possible fees in accordance with The Ateljé's current prices.

The monthly fee is paid repeatedly at the agreed time. The member is obliged to ensure that membership fees are paid on time, and must contact The Ateljé's customer service if no payment request is received.

The member must ensure that the available funds of the selected payment method cover the membership fee and that the payment is made by the due date.

If the payment is not paid by the due date despite reminders, a collection letter will be sent to the member with a new due date. In the event of a delay in payment, The Ateljé has the right to charge costs and interest in accordance with the Debt Collection Act, the Interest Act and other applicable legislation.

If the member has otherwise neglected payment and receives a payment reminder, notice of collection or collection letter from an external collection agency, the information from the external collection agency's invoice must be used when paying.

The member has a price guarantee for his monthly membership fee for the duration of the commitment period. The Ateljé does not have the right to change the membership fee before the end of the commitment period.

Termination of monthly membership

The monthly membership cannot be paused, but the membership can be terminated at any time after the end of the commitment period. After the commitment period, the membership termination period is one (1) calendar month, when the termination takes effect at the end of the following month. Termination must be done in writing by email at

A one-month monthly membership (one-time purchase) does not need to be canceled separately, but the membership ends automatically after one month.

Delivery of products

The products are delivered to the customer as soon as possible after placing the order by the delivery method chosen. The Ateljé's transport is handled by Posti and Matkahuolto in Finland. The delivery time is about 2-3 business days. The Ateljé is not responsible for possible delays that are not caused by The Ateljé Helsinki Oy. The order can also be picked up at The Ateljé's Helsinki store.

Product exchange

If the product you have chosen is unusable, you must notify The Ateljé's customer service within 1 day. If the product you selected does not meet your expectations and you want to exchange the product, you can do so within 2 days by contacting The Ateljé's customer service. Changing the product in the store is free of charge. We charge a delivery fee of €13.80 for product exchanges by mail.

Return of products

When your rental period is over, put the products you rented and the included Hanger back in the suit bag where you received them. The package also includes a prepaid return label - put it in the plastic pocket on the side of the bag. After this, take the suit bag by the deadline to the same point where you picked up the package. You can find the deadline for the return in the instructions that come with the delivery. Returns are always free.

The rented products must be returned by the deadline on the end of the rental period (30 days). If the products are returned more than three days late without agreement, The Ateljé Helsinki Oy has the right to charge the accumulated euro amount for the late days as compensation for the delay, proportional to the contract price of the monthly membership.

Damage or non-return of rented products

If the product is damaged beyond repair during the rental or is left unreturned, The Ateljé Helsinki Oy has the right to charge the customer no more than the VAT price of the product. Damage and compensation situations are always handled on a case-by-case basis - you can leave stains and minor repairs to us!