Monthly subscription: 20% discount from your first month

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1. Choose three products

Click to buy the monthly subscription and you’re almost ready to choose your first items! You can choose three products at a time for the rental period of one month every month. Order delivery or pick up from our store.

2. Receive and enjoy

The selection of clothes you choose will be sent to you at the start of your rental period using your preferred delivery method. The clothes are yours for a month. All you have to do is fill your calendar with places to go and enjoy!

3. Return and select your next items

At the end of the rental period, pack the clothes into the same bag they came in and return them using your preferred method. You’ll receive an email with a link to select your products for the next month!

Wardrobe 2.0
Buy less, use more

As a subscriber, you will have access to dozens of gorgeous garments and can choose three at a time to rent for a month. The longer you’re a subscriber, the cheaper the monthly subscription becomes – you can now join up for just €119 per month!

Do you want to make an immediate commitment for a longer period, or would you prefer to test the subscription for a month? The choice is yours!