The Ateljé x Arkivé Atelier

      Our Arkivé Atelier selection is a collection of carefully selected everyday clothing care accessories essential for sustainable consumption. We want the care of clothes to be as easy and effortless as possible.

      Important everyday clothing care tools

      We believe that a durable wardrobe is built around favorite clothes and high-quality, easy-to-maintain classics. Merino and sheep sweaters can be smoothed with the Arkivé Atelier pile comb , and the piles of thicker sweaters are bitten by the Sweater Stone pile stone . The Kent CC2 clothes brush is a perfect replacement for a sticker brush: it makes it easy to extend the washing interval of clothes and clean away hair and dust. Kent CP6 – The soft clothes brush is the best you can get for taking care of knitwear.

      Pioneers of clothing care: Arkivé Atelier

      Arkivé Atelier, founded by clothing industry professionals, specializes in maintenance products essential for responsible consumption and sharing information regarding clothing maintenance. And who doesn't like well-pressed pants , lint-free sweaters and a fresh-smelling wardrobe?