Monthly membership from €119/month

May we introduce you to your new age wardrobe? As our monthly member, you get access to dozens of clothes, and you can choose three of them at a time to rent for a month.
The longer you commit, the cheaper the monthly membership becomes - you can now get a membership for €119 per month. Do you want to commit immediately for a longer period of time or just test the membership for a month? The choice is yours!

1. Become a member

Add to the shopping cart and fill in your contact information - after this you will receive a link from which you can choose your first products!

2. Receive and enjoy

The selection of clothes you choose will be delivered to you in the way you choose as soon as possible. The clothes are yours for a month to enjoy!

3. Restore and select the following

At the end of the rental period, pack the clothes in the same garment bag where you got them and return the clothes. You will receive a link by e-mail to choose your next month's products!