This is why we exist

According to research, the textile industry annually produces the same amount of emissions as the world's air traffic and shipping combined - if each garment was worn for twice as long, the emissions in question would be reduced by up to 44 percent [1]. Fast fashion, overconsumption, seasonal thinking focused on trends and constant sales competition are a completely intolerable structure.

We founded The Ateljé because the world of fashion needed renewal. In our opinion, renting clothes was not yet very attractive, nor did it seriously compete with regular retail - this is a problem we wanted to solve.

We don't believe in quick wins

We are not a company whose main goal is to get as much as possible as quickly as possible. We want to build a new, better future of fashion - even if it requires the gentle hand washing of feather tops in the back room of our store.

Our brand selection is a combination of small, large, domestic and foreign operators. All of these are united by good and timeless design: the products in our selection must withstand time, washing and wear. Those are things we refuse to compromise on.

Towards a new kind of luxury

You could think of renting clothes as a sophisticated moment of pampering yourself. Many of us surely know how special new clothes feel during the first few days: the magic in them lifts us a little above everyday life and tickles the pit of our stomach.

It is precisely this splashing feeling that we want to share - in a more responsible way. With our rental service we can together build a more sustainable world of fashion, reduce overconsumption and the environmental effects of fashion: renting a piece of clothing is nearly always a more climate friendly choice than buying new [2].

Join us in building a new kind of world of fashion!

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2. Spark Sustainability. (2022). The climate impact of renting versus buying outfits for special occasions.

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