Towards a more sustainable fashion world - five good reasons to rent clothes instead of buying new

1. It's fun

Goodbye, shopping spree! By renting clothes, you can try new brands and play with different styles without worry! By renting, you can expand your own wardrobe without buying a new one.

2. You support a more sustainable lifestyle

Renting clothing is always a more sustainable choice than buying new. According to research, carbon dioxide emissions from the textile industry would be reduced by up to 44 percent if each item of clothing was worn twice as long. With the help of our rental service, we can ensure that the clothes in our selection get as many uses as possible, and don't collect dust in the closet unused.

3. Forget the price tag

Less spending, bigger wardrobe! By renting, you get to use wonderful, high-quality clothes at a fraction of their selling price. We love well-cut suits, quality materials and interesting silhouettes. In other words: you can trust us.

4. Full service concept

Did you know that the price of renting clothes always includes washing? Our clothes arrive to you precisely steamed and freshly clean. Choose, use as your own and return - we'll take care of the rest!

5. #ateliergirls

The Ateljé is not just a new business model, it's a way of life. Join our community and come and build a more sustainable fashion world with us - one piece of clothing at a time. Welcome to good company!

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